Fitness Qigong

The Chinese Art of Mastering Energy

Fitness Qigong Classes

A new method of fitness. Fusing calisthenics and resistance training with the health and healing benefits of qigong. Begin your experience by walking into a beautiful authentic Chinese martial arts school environment of relaxing music and calming aromas. Enter the training hall and sit down to enjoy a stimulating and complimentary cup of warming herbal tea while discussing the health tip for the week. Class will begin with some floor stretching and some energizing but light resistance exercises. Continue your workout by learning  ancient health building movements designed into carefully guided routines which include breathing exercises, posture correction, and balance promotion.


Meet on: Sundays at 12:30pm & Tuesdays at 7:30pm.

Cost: $50 monthly (one class per week) or $75 monthly (two classes per week)

Participants: Must be physically capable of getting up and down from the floor. Participants should dress comfortably and bring a change of sneakers. No children allowed on the premises at any time.